Meet the Birds

Mississippi Kite: Ictinia mississippiensis

Mississippi Kites are a small, gray raptor species with striking red eyes. They are primarily insectivorous, making them a huge friend to farmers as they help control crop-eating insects. They spend a great deal of their time in the air, floating on thermals, much like the man-made toy of the same name. The Center’s Kite, Delta, arrived at the Alabama Wildlife Center in need of care for a fractured ulna in his right wing during the summer months of 2012. Though the bone healed over time, it is suspected that he also has some nerve damage as his ability to sustain flight (and, therefore successfully catch his prey) is greatly diminished from what he should be able to do, rendering him non-releasable. He joined the 4-H Center’s collection in April of 2013 and is a Spring, 2011 hatch. Click here for more information or to book a program.

Mississippi Kite
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