In remembrance …

Sara G. Alexander

(1915 – 2002)

Mrs. Sara Gandy Alexander is remembered by her friends and family in Clarke County as a very sweet and gracious lady. Webster’s Dictionary defines “lady” as “a woman of refinement and gentle manners.” This is how Sara Alexander lived her life each day.

Mrs. Alexander was born on February 4, 1915, in Waynesboro, Mississippi. She received her B.S. degree in Home Economics in 1936 from Mississippi State College for Women, Columbus, Mississippi. She was married to Hugh M. Alexander in 1938.

In 1967, she applied for work with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service and received the following endorsement from O. C. Helms, Clarke County Extension Chairman: “She has worked in this county and area as Supervisor with Farmers Home Administration (1936-1940) and more recently as Home Economist with the Clarke-Washington REA co-op (1953-1967). In both capacities, she has established an enviable reputation as a well-trained, efficient and devoted worker. She is loved and respected by all who know her and by all with whom she has worked. She has been most cooperative with us and other agencies in developing and carrying out a constructive program of rural development and home improvement in this county and area. Any county would be fortunate in getting the services of Mrs. Alexander and we are very pleased with the prospects of having her as our associate and co-worker in Clarke County.”

Mrs. Alexander was hired as the County Agent for home economics on September 1, 1967. She was a hard worker and truly believed in the goals of Extension and set about working diligently to provide programs that would help the citizens of Clarke County have a better life.

Sara worked with many families in Clarke County during her Extension tenure of eleven years. She taught them ways to improve their homes and have a better life for themselves and their families. She sometimes worked with the disadvantaged. She was always helpful and tried to instill in them a sense of pride. She always tried to build them up and show them that they were special. Her willingness to help in any way she could was deeply appreciated by the citizens of Clarke County.

Mrs. Alexander retired from her position on March 31, 1980.

Sara was a very loyal and active member of the Community Study Club of Grove Hill for fifty years. She served as club president and in other offices and capacities. She was a member and teacher at the Grove Hill United Methodist Church, where she gained the deserved reputation of being a great and caring teacher. Faithfulness to her church and community was always important to her.

Mrs. Alexander passed away on November 21, 2002.

In recognition of the life and work of this fine lady, the name Sara G. Alexander is inscribed on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 449