Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Alice Needham Heard

Calhoun County 4-H Volunteer

Inducted February 28, 2008

Longtime 4-H volunteer Alice Neeham Heard* has been involved in 4-H most of her life, as a 4-H’ er, teacher leader in Calhoun County schools, and a volunteer following her retirement. As a 4-H’er, Heard was a delegate to the National 4-H Leadership Conference and a member of the collegiate 4-H program.

From 1980 until 1996 as a teacher leader, Heard started 4-H after-school clubs at Oxford middle and high schools, where she enrolled more than 300 students, leading 64 students to district competitions and 25 to state competitions. She also organized a unique 4-H club, the “Luckies” clown troupe, which performed for nursing home residents, participated in parades, and conducted a seminar for the Alabama 4-H Volunteer Leader Association. Through this group, 4-H’ers learned leadership, public speaking, organizational skills, and community involvement while having fun.

Heard was chosen Calhoun County Outstanding 4-H Volunteer in 1983,
1984 and 1985. She was named Alabama’s Outstanding Volunteer Leader in 1985 and has been a member of the Alabama Parent Volunteer Association since 1984, currently serving as a regional representative.