Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Anna Dyer

Madison County 4-H Volunteer

Inducted November 12, 2009

Anna Dyer is a 4-H volunteer leader for the Snowy Owls 4-H Club in Madison County. The unique quality that she brings to this club is her ability to incorporate 4-H as a resource and educational component for special needs students. She works with the students in the areas of improving hand-eye coordination, fine and large motor skills, critical thinking, and academics.

The members of the Snowy Owls 4-H Club have conducted many hands-on/ minds-on activities, including camps, county round-up, many local and regional 4-H events, and community service projects for military youth. Early on, Dyer noticed 4-H programs helped address the skills necessary for work with special needs youth. The advantages of becoming a 4-H volunteer leader gave her the opportunity to share with her club the skills most classrooms don’t address.

The impact Dyer has on the youth she encounters is phenomenal and goes deeper than most can imagine. She is a special 4-H volunteer leader with a kind heart.

Nominated by Wanda Pharris