Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Barbara Shipman

Barbour County 4-H Volunteer

Inducted December 7, 2010

Barbara Shipman has been a 4-H direct volunteer for more than five years in Barbour County. She is dedicated to the youth in the county and gladly goes to events and activities. She conducts 4-H club meetings in Barbour County intermediate and middle schools.

Mrs. Shipman has secured sponsors for 4-H camp, educational trips, and forums that involve youth learning ways to improve their knowledge and skill “To Make the Best Better.”

Mrs. Shipman completed the Barbour County Leadership Program in 2008. From there, she accepted the team responsibility for the youth component for 2009. There was 15 youth who graduated from the program.

During the summer, she secured funding to subsidize youth for their work in the Summer Farmers Market Program. These youth learned many different things along with gardening. The work skills taught will help them earn jobs in the future.

Mrs. Shipman served as the 2009 president of the Alabama 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association.

She enjoys 4-H work. When asked to participate, Mrs. Shipman and her husband, Roy (also a direct 4-H volunteer), are eager to help the youth of Barbour County.

Endorsed by Ruth Hunter