Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Beverly Mays Young

Madison County 4-H Volunteer

Inducted November 13, 2008

Beverly Mays Young has been a significant contributor to 4-H for more than 33 years. She is a 4-H alumna and has continued to support 4-H in schools as an elementary school counselor.

Over the past few years, Young has sponsored 4-H as the school counselor at her elementary school by setting up eight separate 4-H clubs (by class) with all fourth-and fifth-graders, totaling approximately 200 students.

As a 4-H leader, she organizes competitions and works to secure others to volunteer. Her clubs have participated in the 4-H days for football and basketball.

ln 2007, Young changed schools and started 4-H programs in her new job at a high school, where there was previously no 4-H program. She averages about 25 students in six clubs.

With her dedication to Alabama 4-H, Young always greets 4-H’ers and volunteers with a smile and a belief that she is working to “Make the Best Better.”

Nominated by Grace Buell