In remembrance …

Carrie A. Gee

(1880 – 1945)

Carrie A. Gee was born in Madison County, Alabama, on April 4, 1880. She died on June 21, 1945, at the age of 65.

Mrs. Gee attended Russ Normal School in Huntsville and Tuskegee Institute, finishing there in 1915. During all the time from 1893, before finishing high school, through to 1917, just after her schooling at Tuskegee Institute, Mrs. Gee was a teacher in the county schools of Madison County and in Decatur High School.

Realizing that she had so much more to offer, county officials saw in Carrie Gee someone who could do the new type of work the federal officials were talking about — home demonstration work. Soon, in 1918, Mrs. Gee was appointed Home Demonstration Agent for Morgan County; Lawrence County was added to her territory in 1939, and she returned to just Morgan County in 1944.

Carrie Gee possessed an unusual ability to attract people to work with her, which made her one of the leading home agents at that time. She was considered as one of the pioneers for home demon­stration work in Alabama. Mrs. Gee traveled over Morgan and Lawrence counties, giving demon­strations to homemakers and helping rural families live better. It was hard work, and many nights she had to stay overnight with a family in order to continue her journey around the county.

In tribute to her twenty-seven years of service to Alabama Extension, the name Carrie A. Gee is inscribed on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 290