In remembrance …

Cecile M. Hester

(1894 – 1977)

The folks of Franklin and Lauderdale Counties lost a great lady when Miss Cecile Hester passed away on February 18, 1977. To them, she had become a teacher, a leader, and a friend.

Cecile was a Franklin County native, born on December 2, 1894. She graduated from Franklin County High School in 1913, and then attended and graduated from the Univer­sity of Alabama in 1920. She came to Alabama Extension in 1925 as a trained and experi­enced teacher and well qualified for her new work. Her task was to be the new home demonstration agent for Lauderdale County, a task which she gladly took on and proved to all that she was the one for the job.

Miss Hester worked with and for the people of Florence and Lauderdale County until her retirement on October 31, 1957. She served with distinction and left many families feel­ing much gratitude to her for the time she gave them and the knowledge she shared. Miss Hester was much loved in Lauderdale County for her hard work and genuine interest in the people. She will always be remembered for her high standards and moral values which showed in her day-to-day activities.

After retirement, she returned to her hometown of Russellville. She was survived by her sister, Ethel Hamilton, and her brother, D. W. Hester.

To honor her thirty-two years of dedicated service to Alabama Extension Service, we rec­ognize Miss Cecile M. Hester by the inscription on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 22