Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Deborah Darrington

Mobile 4-H Volunteer

Inducted December 7, 2010

From toddlers to teens – this is a good way to describe the impact made by this long-time 4-H volunteer leader.

Ms. Darrington has been a kindergarten teacher with the Mobile County Public School System for more than 28 years. She has volunteered as a 4-H leader for Clover Buds, 4-H in-school clubs and 4-H church teen clubs, 4-H junior leaders, and the 4-H animal science club. Any time a 4-H event is held, she can be counted on to attend as a volunteer or as a judge.

She has always found the time to teach children about the earth, nature, conservation, and good stewardship. She has volunteered as the 4-H leader for a group of teens as part of a 4-H afterschool program. This club did everything from entering cooking contests to public speaking, to planting acres of trees in forests and plants in wetlands.

She still teaches at an elementary school that received the 4-H Club of the Year Award for many years, due in part to her unswerving dedication to 4-H. Her current contribution in helping continue the 4-H mission is to involve approximately 500 kindergarten through third-grade students in the Clover Bud program.

It has been said that a good teacher is not just a leader to be followed, but a guide who suggests and steps out of the way and encourages the student to find their own way. Deborah Darrington is blessed with a talent for inspiring and encouraging young people and has used this talent successfully in 4-H for many years. These 4-H’ers will use their talents to better their world.

Nominated by Maranda Marks