Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Dennis Peterson

Baldwin County Extension Agent (Retired)

Inducted May 13, 2014

Dennis Peterson began working as a 4-H agent in Dale County. He moved to Mobile and Butler counties before transferring to Baldwin as the 4-H forestry and natural resources agent. He also coordinated 4-H field trips and camps. He recruited volunteers, secured donations for the program, and arranged for transportation to many activities including camp, district, and state competitions.

One of the parents of a 4-H member, Ronald Koptis, said, “I had the confidence in Dennis to know that my child was taken care of throughout the whole trip. He was involved in all the activities with the 4-H members. Dennis is a leader with the heart of a teacher that truly cared about the 4-H members and how they learned and contributed to society. His leadership was a positive influence on my son and his career decisions.”

Beth King, a 4-H leader, said, “He truly brought out the best in every child he met ln our club. They always looked forward to seeing him. They loved 4-H and what it stood for-clearer thinking, greater loyalty, better living, and larger service for their club, community, country, and world. I think Dennis lived this motto and it showed in his actions. The boys all wanted to be like him and the girls all liked him. He made sure that many of them had opportunities in their lives that they would have never had. They learned to compete in a good way and help each other in other ways.”

Many former Baldwin County 4-H members now range in age from the 40s to early 20s. They remember Dennis Peterson and are grateful for the experience of 4-H that he shared with them.

Nominated by: Baldwin County 4-H and Extension