Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Drummond Company, Inc.

Corporate Donor

Inducted May 14, 2009

The Drummond Company has an impressive history of developing and acquiring new sources of production, implementing new mining technology, and opening new markets for its products. The company began in 1935, with the vision of H. E. Drummond, an entrepreneur who made the decision to enter the coal business in his native Sipsey, Ala.

Upon Drummond’s death in 1956, the business was carried on by his sons, who built upon their father’s vision for the company. By the early 1970s, Drummond entered the export coal market and quickly became an industry leader, with foreign sales offices opening shortly thereafter.

A decade later, Drummond Company, Inc. undertook a sizeable capital expansion program to establish itself as the largest surface mining company in Alabama. This was quickly followed by the acquisition of Alabat a By-Products Corporation. Drummond’s land management activities led the company, through joint ventures, into real estate development in Florida, California, and Alabama.

For many years, the Drummond Company has made a strong commitment to the Alabama 4-H program. During the Campaign for Alabama 4-H, through the generous contribution of the Drummond Company and family, the Alabama 4-H Environmental Science Education Center seminar rooms were constructed.

Nominated by the Alabama 4-H Club Foundation, lnc.