In remembrance …

Flora Cain Sherer

(1915 – 2009)

Mrs. Flora Sherer was well respected by her community, her co-workers, and her peers. At her death on July 9, 2009, she was 93 years old.

Mrs. Sherer was a resident of Jasper, Alabama, in Walker County. In 1956, she went to work as the office secretary for the women agents at the Walker County Cooperative Extension Office in Jasper. She worked there for 25 years.

This is what one supervisor, Jeannette Argo, said of Mrs. Sherer: “She was indeed an asset to our office as she displayed professionalism and skill during her years of service. Flora was a fine Christian woman whose attitude toward her work and the Extension staff was always cooperative and pleasant.”

Mrs. Argo continued, “She was courteous and attentive to visitors who came to our office and to our staff as well. Flora was in every respect an excellent member of our team.”

Part of her job as secretary was helping with 4-H records and, of course, she made herself available for anything she could do to help with the county 4-H program. She felt the same way about the Home Demonstration clubs. She typed many newsletters, answered many telephone calls, and made many friends with those who visited the Extension office.

Her daughter Betty remembers how much her mother loved seeing the positive influence 4-H made in the lives of many young boys and girls. She took retirement in 1981.

Mrs. Sherer was a beautiful example of a Godly woman. She was a Sunday School teacher for over 50 years and a faithful church member at Samaria Baptist Church.

She is survived by her daughter, Betty Sherer, of Jasper. It is with great respect that we honor Flora Cain Sherer with her name on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 532