In remembrance …

Florence G. Owens

(1921 – 2012)

Florence G. Owens was a lady of character and strength. She was also a lady with lots of stories to tell. Those who knew her well still smile when they remember.

From 1958 to 1982, for 25 years, Mrs. Owens worked to strengthen the quality of lives of the residents of Pike County. Her career as a County Agent — or, as many referred to her, The Home Demonstration Agent — would be working to help people help themselves. She was an encourager to her clients, her co­workers, and her family.

Mrs. Owens had varied talents and technical expertise in the field of Home Economics. Even her peers would call on her for guidance. She just knew the answers to the questions. She did not have to look them up.

She was a trailblazer. When she started to work, women in Extension were paid half of what men were paid. Extension women also did not have the same insurance privileges as men. Mrs. Owens was one of those who helped achieve equality for all in Extension.

Those who remember her well also remember the stories of her experiences with the mattress-making program, teaching a niece to cook, working with EFNEP, and 4-H agents. (She finally admitted that her niece was a pretty good cook.) And there was always a cat story.

Mrs. Owens was one of the original founders of the Pilot Club of Troy. As County Agent in Pike County, she had a wonderful weekly radio program teaching home improvement skills that included, cooking tips, food preservation guidelines and home economics. Mrs. Owens was a great cook and shared many recipes and tasty dishes throughout the area.

Florence G. Owens served the people of Pike County with distinction. Epsilon Sigma Phi is proud to place her name on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 576