Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Harriett Hall

Jefferson County 4-H Volunteer

Inducted December 7, 2010

Harriett Hall has been a devoted 4-H volunteer for 32 years. She began her service in Geneva County at Coffee Spring High School as a 4-H teacher sponsor in 1968. Two years later, she served as a community club volunteer in Livingston, teaching sewing and assisting with the 4-H Horse Club. After moving to Montgomery in 1972, she assisted Bobby Hanks with the 4-H Livestock Club.

In 1979, Harriett moved to Birmingham and served as a volunteer for the 4-H Veterinary Science Club. In 1986, she started a traditional 4-H community club at the Tarrant Recreational Center where she served as the volunteer leader until her retirement in 2006.

Since 2006, she has been the leader of the Jefferson County 4-H Junior Leader Club. She coordinates community service projects as well as assists with a variety of 4-H programs including Classroom in the Forest: Forest in the Classroom™ and teaching youth about GPS and geocaching.

Harriett has been active in the Alabama 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association, serving as an officer on the state board. She has attended the Alabama 4-H Volunteer Leaders Forum eight times and attended the Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum four times. Harriett taught a GPS workshop at the Alabama forum.

Harriett Hall has been recognized as a Jefferson County Outstanding 4-H Volunteer, as well as receiving years of service recognitions for her 30-plus years of participation. In 2004, she became a screened and trained volunteer for Jefferson County. Harriett has had 4-H members from her club receive county, district, state, and national recognition. She has served on the Jefferson County Extension Advisory Council for six years.

Nominated by Joann Wissinger and Bridget Helms