Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Henry and Kathy Gotcher

Colbert County 4-H Volunteers

Inducted March 19, 2013

Henry and Kathy Gotcher are lifelong residents of Colbert County and have deep roots in 4-H and agriculture. The Gotchers have remained true to their roots and have continued many of the traditions with their family farm and 4-H.

For more than 15 years, they have been supporters of the Colbert County 4-H program as parents of 4-H’ers, as well as 4-H volunteers. The Gotcher’s sons, Will, Ben, and currently Marc, have been and continue to be successful members of the Colbert County program. Both Will and Ben have won first place in the state lawn tractor competition and attended the national competition at Purdue University.

The Gotcher family has exemplified honesty, hard work, and loyalty to family and friends. Kathy’s career with USDA and NRCS has allowed her to work closely with farmers and ranchers in Colbert County. Henry’s career with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System as a former 4-H county agent and with Wise Alloys has allowed him to teach and instill a strong work ethic in his sons.

The Gotchers’ servant leadership and unconditional support of the Colbert County 4-H program have been instrumental to the success of the Colbert County 4-H program. Henry and Kathy are former 4-H’ers and believe in the core values of 4-H and have wanted their children and others to experience the goodness of 4-H.

They have served in many different capacities: committee members, judges, chaperons, financial support for Colbert County 4-H, and being involved in activities such as the 4-H Centennial Parade and 4-H Round-up. The Gotchers, along with their sons, have participated in and attended regional and state 4-H activities including being on the 4-H Regional Advisory Committee served as officers for the 4-H Regional team, Regional and State 4-H Congress, and acted on the Senior Leadership team.

The Gotchers were named the 2012 Farm Family of the Year at the Colbert County Farm City Banquet. This is the highest award given by the Colbert County Extension office and the Farm City Committee. Their impact on agriculture, Colbert County 4-H, and their community will be felt for many years. Their legacy will be remembered by the impact their children have had on the 4-H program and how they have modeled after their parents.

Nominated by Danny Mc Williams, Colbert County Extension Coordinator