Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Janet Griffin

Colbert County 4-H Volunteer and
4-H Alumna

Inducted March 19, 2013

Janet Borden Griffin is a trustworthy and hardworking individual who has the ability to relate to people of different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Through her involvement with the 4-H club program, she has exemplified leadership and citizenship skills in her daily job activities.

Griffin is a 4-H alumna who also served as an in-school 4-H club leader and volunteer for more than 16 years in Colbert County. During her early years as a 4-H’er, she was actively involved in several projects such as fashion revue, public speaking, food preservation, food demonstrations, bread exhibits, and gardening. After high school graduation, she would often conduct food demonstrations and food preservation classes for the younger 4-H’ers in the Franklin County 4-H program.

For four years, Griffin served as a 4-H club leader at New Bethel Elementary School in Tuscumbia, where she motivated and encouraged her students to participate in 4-H projects at the local, county, and regional levels. She often incorporated 4-H projects with her classroom lesson plans under the Alabama Course of Study. Griffin would have the majority of the 4-H’ers who participated in the Colbert County 4-H Round-Up and at other county programs, events and activities. She served as a role model for her students and would spend countless hours working with them to complete their 4-H projects for the county’s competitive events. Griffin went the extra mile by taking a personal leave day each year to transport some of her 4-H club participants to the County 4-H Round-Up competitive event.

Currently, Griffin serves as a 4-H volunteer for the Colbert County 4-H Club and is a member of the Northwest Regional 4-1-1 Advisory Council. She also continues to volunteer her time and service as a resource volunteer assisting with events such as North Alabama Regional 4-1-1 Congress, NW Region 4-H Educational Tour, Colbert County Farm-City program, and other programs, events, and activities.

Griffin received Colbert County 4-H Club Leader Award for three years in a row. Her club received the Colbert County 4-H Club of the Year Award during that same time.

Griffin’s two sons, Kalan and Garrett Borden were involved in the Colbert program. Some of the students she taught in 4-H are today productive citizens in society as teachers, doctors, politicians, accountants, firefighters, and police officers. Their achievements come, in large measure, from her support, motivation, and encouragement.

Nominated by Marian Beck, Regional Extension Agent