In remembrance …

Katie I. Carlton

(1927 – 1995)

Katie Inez Carlton served Alabama as an Extension Home Demonstration Agent in Hale County for over thirty years. She also served for three years in Greene County prior to her retire­ment on June 30, 1983.

For over thirty-three years, Miss Carlton worked with women to improve the living conditions of their families, to help them produce and preserve vegetables, to help them manage their finances, to plan and prepare healthful meals. She also had duties related to the 4-H programs, working with the young girls of the county to give them a strong foundation with which to start their adult lives. The people in the towns and communities of Hale and Greene Counties showed their appre­ciation for her long hours of devotion to duty by welcoming her into their homes and their hearts.

Miss Carlton’s coworkers will remember her because she was a champion for the rights of women and their benefits, believing there was always room for improvement. She was outspoken and outgoing and not easily influenced by those who would attempt to steer her in their ways if their ways were not in the best interest of herself or her 4-H programs. She had outstanding 4-H programs and the young people will remember her for her loving and caring ways and interest in them. She was totally committed to her programs and dedicated to helping young people.

Born on November 24, 1927, Katie was raised on a farm outside Troy, Alabama. She attended Tuskegee Institute and graduated in 1949 with a bachelor’s degree. She did post-graduate study at Iowa State University for a master’s degree in foods and nutrition.

Miss Carlton made Eutaw, Alabama, her home after retirement.

She passed away on July 9, 1995, and is survived by her sister Margaret Robinson of Troy and her two brothers Carroll Carlton and James Carlton, who both live in Detroit, Michigan.

Katie I. Carlton was a life member of Extension’s Epsilon Sigma Phi Fraternity, which is proud to place her name on the dedicatory plaque at the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 379