In remembrance …

Leome Conner Barker

(1901 – 1968)

On September 30, 1901, Leome Conner was born in Millport, Alabama. After high school, she pursued higher education at State Teacher’s College in Florence, Alabama. She received her B.S. from Auburn University and also took courses at the University of Alabama.

Leome Conner served Extension as Assistant Home Demonstration Agent in Lamar County and later as Home Demonstration Agent in Jackson County. She always considered everyone in Extension to be her ‘family.’ Every farmer, farmer’s wife, and child were loved by Leome. She worked side by side with them on all kinds of projects. One summer, she helped make mattresses. After a particularly hot day, a fellow worker asked, “Miss Conner, aren’t you tired?” To this Leome answered, “Yes, but I will sleep better tonight because the families who get these mat­tresses will too.”

Her genuine love for the people of Jackson County was evident in her every endeavor. And in return, the people loved and respected Leome Conner. When she married Dr. Leonard Barker, Miss Conner had to follow the Extension rule and resign her position. Her constituents bid her fare­well.

Mrs. Barker moved to Florida and was very active in the Optometrist Auxiliary, serving two terms as President. She continued her public service by helping young optometrists juggle home and career. She often babysat for these hard-working couples. Not having children of her own, Mrs. Barker founded a Junior Garden Club, creating for herself a “passel of grandchildren.”

In recognition of her service in Lamar and Jackson Counties, the name Leome Conner Barker is inscribed on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 62