In remembrance …

Luella Cleveland Hanna

(1891 – 1970)

She was born in Gallatin, Tennessee, and educated at Tuskegee Institute. Luella Cleveland Hanna began life on March 20, 1891. By 1912, she had received her B.S. degree from Tuskegee and was prepared for the life of service she embarked upon.

From 1913 until 1919, Miss Hanna taught in Alabama’s rural schools. This experience led her into a more comprehensive form of service to her fellowman. In 1920, she became County Home Demonstration Agent for the Negro Movable School — a position she held for 8 years. In 1928, Miss Hanna was named State Agent for Negro Women. She remained in this position until 1945.

A coworker who was also a close friend described Miss Hanna as faithful and conscientious –­ one who would be remembered by many farm families over the state. She would also be thought of in glowing terms by agents themselves, both men and women, wherever she had helped with programs and projects.

In honor of her 25 years of diligent service, it is fitting to inscribe the name Luella Cleveland Hanna on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 188