Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Lydia Sexton

Pike County 4-H Volunteer

Inducted May 14, 2009

Lydia Sexton’s indoctrination into the world of 4-H came in her first club meeting after seeing an Extension staff member deliver the program. An emergency call took the Extension staff member from the classroom, and Sexton delivered that month’s program to the other 4-H clubs scheduled in the school that clay. And she has never looked back!

Sexton’s involvement in and support of 4-H spans a range of projects over 20 years. She coordinated Pike County’s competitive events with more than 250 youth participating. She serves on the County 4-H Council, chaperoned 4-H Camp and district/state competitions, and assisted 4-H judging teams.

Her children have been active 4-H members. She has supported, assisted, motivated, encouraged, and transported many 4-H’ers to many events and activities. Sexton makes a positive difference in the lives of all Pike County youth.

Nominated by Tammy Powell