In remembrance …

Marguerite T. Holmes

(1920 – 2010)

Marguerite Tunnell Holmes never attended a 4-H Club meeting, never judged an awards competition, never chaperoned a 4-H activity. Her devotion to 4-H was inspired by the clerical work she did for the Jefferson County Extension 4-H Club program as well as the organization’s motto, “To Make The Best Better.” The motto paralleled her own philosophy of life: always making a total effort into making things better, with the goal of perfection.

Marguerite, as she preferred to be called, was revered by all of her fellow co­workers. It was no surprise when she passed away on October 11, 2010, that it became known that she had given generously to 4-H, thereby leaving financial support to the Jefferson County 4-H Club program, part of the state’s largest youth development organization. She was known for managing her resources well. She knew a good investment when she saw it — 4-H — investing in today’s youth and the youth of tomorrow.

In addition to her generosity, Marguerite is known for her caring love, thoughtfulness, and her spirited sense of humor, which she shared with her co­workers and friends. Her love for others had no limits. The Jefferson County Extension office was truly fortunate to have been the stage for sixteen years for her many talents and qualities.

Reflecting her vibrant personality were a few favorites: furs, diamonds, jewelry, her elegant cat, the brilliant color red, deliciously rich chocolate, plus a good joke. Her Extension coworkers said “Quite the character she was … quite a unique lady we loved, and memorable thoughts of her remain in our hearts.”

In recognition of her sixteen years of superb service, the name Marguerite T. Holmes is inscribed on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 549