In remembrance …

Mary W. Segers

(1876 – 1961)

A native of Washington, Indiana, Mary Williams Segers spent her early life in public service. Born on August 25, 1876, she completed part of her education in 1898 at Allendale, Illinois. Always in quest of knowledge, she went to several other institutions, including Bradley Polytech­nic Institute, the Chicago Art Institute, and the American School of Home Economics. She earned her B.S. degree from Columbia University.

Just past the turn of the century, Mary Segers began her professional career as a teacher. Again she moved through several states: Oklahoma, Indiana, and Virginia. Her rank rose from teacher to superintendent in the public schools of Marion, Indiana, and Richmond, Virginia. She also served as an instructor at Peabody College and Indiana University.

It was in 1922 that Mary Segers applied for work with the Extension Service in Alabama. She was appointed Home Demonstration Agent in Escambia County. She retained that position for eleven years. During her tenure, Extension programs were presented to hundreds of rural fami­lies. Through her efforts, the standard of living for many was significantly raised.

It is fitting to pay tribute to the accomplishments of Mary W. Segers by inscribing her name on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 299