In remembrance …

Reuben Gilmore

(1920 – 1977)

When Reuben Gilmore applied for a position with Alabama Extension, his versatile background was revealed. He was active in many fields of endeavor and interested in a variety of occupations. His love of music led him to organize a community chorus. On Sundays after teaching Sunday School class, he played piano for church services. Another way Mr. Gilmore used his hands was as a builder. He enjoyed construction, especially electrical and welding.

The love Reuben Gilmore had for agriculture resulted in his earning a B.S. degree from A&M College. Upon graduation, he asked the Acting Director of the Agriculture Department of A&M to write a recommendation for his application to Extension Service. Mr. L.W. Bonner wrote glowingly of Reuben Gilmore and “highly recommended that he would make an excellent Exten­sion employee because of his keen organizational skills and love of people.”

A native of Taylor County, Georgia, Reuben Gilmore served Alabama Extension for seventeen years from 1949 to 1966. As County Agent in Barbour County, he exhibited great leadership and always had the welfare of his constituents foremost in his concern.

Forced to retire because of failing health, Reuben Gilmore spent his final years at the Veteran’s Hospital in Tuskegee. In tribute to this versatile, loving man, the name Reuben Gilmore is inscribed on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 90