Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Shelton Hawsey

District 4-H Agent

Inducted November 12, 2009

Shelton Hawsey began his ACES career in Elmore and Lee counties with 4-H and agriculture responsibilities. These years provided him opportunities to learn the day-to-day responsibilities of ACES field staff and fully equipped him for his responsibilities as the district 4-H agent covering the Southwest counties in Alabama.

Under his supervision, the 4-H staff looked for innovative programs for youth in diverse communities. Among these was the implementation of the 4-H Forestry Judging program with the assistance of county staff member Wayne Ford.

As state specialist for programs and events, Hawsey organized and secured adequate funding for 4-H Wildlife Judging and Environmental Stewardship programs. He continues to volunteer in those programs for state competitions.

“My best moment in 4-H is seeing the joy, satisfaction, and excitement that achievement brought to the 4-H members and their families,” he says. “Now I see former members in their adult life become contributing citizens and successful in their life work, many of them involved in 4-H with their children.”

Nominated by Alabama 4-H