In remembrance …

W. T. Gravitt

(1872 – 1958)

Walter Thomas Gravitt was born on April 2, 1872. His birthplace was Maysville, Alabama. He received his education at the State Agriculture and Mechanical (A&M) Institute in Normal, Ala­bama.

In 1892, he began teaching in the public schools of Madison County. During the next thirteen years, W. T. extended his teaching to include Jackson County. In 1916, he transferred to his Alma Mater, Alabama A&M, to teach agriculture.

After a two-year experience at A&M, Mr. Gravitt joined the Extension effort as a county agent in Madison County. He combined this job with that of an Emergency Demonstration Agent both in Madison and Jackson counties. His Extension career began in 1918 and ended with his retirement in 1946.

At his retirement ceremony, W. T. heard a description of the “Ideal Extension Worker.” Attributes that can also be assigned to Agent Gravitt include integrity, patience, sense of humor, courage, optimism, and loyalty.

In recognition of his contributions to the progress of farming in rural Alabama, the name Walter T. Gravitt is inscribed on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 274