In remembrance …

William L. Royston

(1900 – 1968)

William L. Royston was born in Roanoke, Alabama, on January 27, 1900. After 24 years of service to Extension, he died, March 24, 1968, one month before his planned retirement. Mr. Royston received a diploma from Randolph County Training School in 1928 and graduated from State A&M Institute, Normal, Alabama, in 1944.

Before joining the Extension Service, Mr. Royston taught in the Clarke County High School sys­tem and was an elementary teacher for Randolph County School from 1930 to 1943. He came to Extension as Negro County Agent in Greene County in 1944 and later as Negro County Agent in Tallapoosa County. He was one of the most dedicated workers in Extension during his entire career. He was known for his particularly outstanding educational work in 4-H, community development, and agriculture — particularly in the area of cucumber production. Mr. Royston was an ordained Baptist minister and was loved and respected for his devotion and long hours of ser­vice to his church families.

A secretary who worked with Mr. Royston for ten years said he was a second father to her. He gave encouraging words when most needed — always giving good advice in a kind and gentle way. He was quick to help the needy — giving shoes and food to the down and out. All of them, workers and 4-H’ers alike, had total respect for Mr. Royston.

To honor the man and his life’s work, the name William L. Royston is inscribed on the dedicatory plaque of the Extension Memorial Chapel.

Chapel Plaque Inscription Number: 259