Alabama 4-H Wall of Fame

Shaun Winn

Calhoun 4-H Volunteer

Inducted March 19, 2013

During the 1990s, when you walked into the Alexandria fifth grade hall on 4-H Day, you knew something was up! The students were excited, there were 4-H contest entries on the counter in every classroom and there was usually the smell of food, especially on Egg Demonstration days. In the midst of all the 4-H excitement was Shaun Winn, the fifth-grade science teacher.

During her 14 years as a 4-H volunteer, Shaun Winn inspired the students to be active in 4-H meetings, contests, and leadership opportunities. Every fall, Winn and the other fifth-grade teachers would encourage students to campaign and vote for 4-E officers. Before the first 4-H meeting, officers were trained by Winn and then held to a high standard during the 4-H meetings. They were also encouraged to attend the County 4-H Council meetings and report back to the local club.

After the monthly 4-H meeting, Winn would review the upcoming contest rules with the 4-H member in all five local clubs. If someone was talented in art, she encouraged them to enter the poster contest. A good speaker was encouraged to enter public speaking or one of the demonstrations. A quiet child might be encouraged to enter photography. She talked about how much fun the food contests were: Chicken-Que, baked foods, dairy foods, egg, and beef. It was not uncommon for Winn and her helpers to judge 100 to 150 entries at each monthly meeting many of them, food entries.

When her students became high school seniors, she asked them what they remembered about fifth grade. The majority of them had very fond memories of 4-H and the skills they learned through it. Winn worked with approximately 2,100 youth in the 4-H program, and she expected all of them to do their best.

Shaun Winn and her 4-H clubs were recognized as Club of the Year at least seven times during her 14 years as leader. This award indicated local participation, outstanding officers, club behavior, and involvement in the county 4-H program. The president of the winning 4-H club and Winn represented the Calhoun County 4-H program at the sponsored luncheon each year to thank the Rotary Club for their support.

Ruth Sarro, a regional Extension agent, who worked with Shaun Winn during that time, recalled introducing herself as a 4-H agent to an Alexandria Elementary administrator. “I don’t know what you do in 4-H, but I know what Shaun Winn does in 4-H,” the staff member responded. The entire community knew the value of 4-H through her efforts.

Nominated by Ruth Sarro, Regional Extension Agent