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Look a gopher tortoise in the eye, count the feathers on a broad-winged hawk, or test your canoeing skills on the scenic Coosa River. These adventures and more await you at the Alabama 4-H Science School.

Established in 1994, the Science School summons you to explore the lush green forests, trails, and waterfront and enjoy quality environmental experiences through adventures and outdoor classes. The Science School is proud to serve a variety of students, whether K through 12, college students, or private groups.

Approximately 23,500 young people each year hear amazing animal stories and explore the environment at the Science School.

Meet the birds at the Science School’s Raptor Trek, the state’s premier bird of prey experience. Children and adults get acquainted with this collection of Alabama raptors through this conservation-based presentation. Discover the circumstances that brought these avian ambassadors into our care. You will also learn ways to help protect these native species.

Snakes, gators, and turtles are the stars of Herp Journey. Children and adults get to know a collection of Alabama’s native reptiles and amphibians. Get up close to some of the species in this conservation-driven adventure. Our scaly educators can also visit your school, library, or weekend festival. Future herpetologists can meet a turtle, a tortoise, a lizard, a snake, or even an American alligator.

The Science School itself hosts about 5,000 young people a year at the 4-H Center. These eager young scientists come from all parts of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Dozens of other youth and adult groups staying at the Conference Center take advantage of team building and other fun activities offered by the Science School. While not 4-H groups themselves, these corporate, religious, and other groups help spread the 4-H message of hands-on learning.

Whether challenging your feats of courage on the high ropes course, exploring the wildlife on the Coosa River in a canoeing class, or meeting our animal ambassadors, the Alabama 4-H Science School provides a safe environment to grow and explore the outdoor splendor. Come join the adventure!