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Evening Programs

Evening Program Options

4-H Science School Staff–Led Evening Program Options

1.5 Hours Each Evening Unless Otherwise Requested

owl perched on a handler's arm

Raptor Trek

(Acceptable option even if group is taking Friends of a Feather)

This program is certain to entertain and excite as we explore the unique world of raptors or birds of prey. Our live bird collection includes both diurnal and nocturnal raptors that students can see up close. Students will learn about the adaptations unique to raptors, their role in our ecosystem, and the conservation efforts we can do to help these animals thrive in the wild.

holding a snake in her hands


Explore the unique world of reptiles and amphibians as you learn about their role in our ecosystems and their ecological importance. Our live reptile collection includes all four types of reptiles (alligators, snakes, turtles, and lizards) and three types of amphibians (salamanders, frogs, and toads). Students will get up close to learn more about the very critters that live in their backyard.

children introducted to native amphibians

Back to Natives

Students will be exploring the unique world of reptiles, amphibians, AND birds of prey. During this program, they will get to meet two birds of prey and three reptiles/amphibians. They will learn about their role in the ecosystem, conservation efforts, and which animals they might see in their own backyard.

roasting marshmallows on the campfire


Students will participate in a number of stories, songs, and skits performed around an evening campfire. This activity is a great addition to the overnight residential experience and one of our most popular selections. Roasting marshmallows is an option for this program. Let us know if your group plans to join in with skits of their own.

adult and child with a flashlight on a night hike

Night Hike

We will take a hike in field groups—without flashlights—to learn more about the woods at night. Activities will focus on nocturnal adaptations, such as night vision and acute hearing. Being comfortable with the outdoors in the dark will be discussed and explored during this activity.

Talk to the program coordinator about this option if it is a time of year when darkness falls late in the evening (early fall and late spring).

stars in the night sky


Students will blast off into outer space and participate in various activities including games, demonstrations, and stories. They will learn about the planets in our solar system, the importance of our moon, the formation of stars, and other information tiered to their grade level. Now featuring Space Trivia!

group of kids

Dutch Auction

Students will work in small groups to perform tasks (such as becoming a human machine), make creations, and perform skits. This is a fun, laid-back evening that encourages students to think critically and get creative. An excellent choice for those with an active group.

Optional Evening Programs Led by Visiting Teachers

Programs will begin at 8:30 p.m. when staff-led programs are complete and can be concluded at the school’s discretion.

kids playing volleyball

Sports Night

We’ll set up volleyball, basketball, kickball, putt-putt, fishing, or any other sports-related activities. Before your trip, please let the program coordinator know which activities you are planning so we can have equipment ready for you.

camper displaying the gymnastic talent of performing a split on the grass

Talent Night

Skits, songs, and other creative acts are presented by students and adults. Plan early and have the students work together on their bus ride to camp.

campers dancing the night away

Dance Night

We provide the sound equipment and you provide the music and DJ to dance the night away.